Being Stewards of an Existing Tool for Ministry ... and New Ideas and Energy

Being Stewards of an Existing Tool for Ministry … and New Ideas and Energy

          Today is a new day.  This month marks the beginning of a new year.  Everyday baptism conveys God’s gift of new life in our lives.  As you read this article you sit in the afterglow of our annual celebration of the birth of the Savior of the world.  That long established holy day enlivens new energy in this world in the days following its observance.  It is my prayer that the Holy Child of Bethlehem has once again touched your heart, your mind, and your very being in new and life-giving ways this Christmas season that will continue to impact your reality for days to come. 

Of course, it is this time of the year when the world also begins a new year.  It is a season of new hopes, new dreams, new resolutions, and new commitments.

            Why the emphasis on newness, you ask?  Well, The Lutheran Letter, one of this synod’s communication tools, now in its seventh year (can you believe that?), is also experiencing and encouraging ‘newness’.  The November/December 2011 edition of the The Lutheran Letter had a new masthead.  That edition also introduced the new chair of the Allegheny Synod Communications Team, Ms. Beth Ann Burkey Lombardi.  Beth and I have met and let me tell you she brings new energy to the work of communications within the life of the Allegheny Synod.  Couple that with the already evident energy and vision of our long-committed team members; and we have a formula for enhancing the quality of The Lutheran Letter and the other communication tools of the synod!

            That gets me to this issue of The Lutheran Letter.  Beginning with the January/February 2012 edition the Communications Team and our editor, Kecia Bal, will highlight one of our conferences within each issue.  It is the Johnstown Conference this issue.  You will find that new addition to The Letter in the middle of the paper.  Its purpose is to:


1)      Give focus to congregations in one particular geographic area of our synod at a time;

2)      Share what is happening within the congregations of that conference;

3)      HeHHhhhHHelp each one of us become more informed and aware of one another’s congregation and ministries;

4)      Assist us in understanding the role and function of synod conferences;

5)      Stimulate ministry ideas among us;

6)      And last but not least, give us a stronger sense of our relationship with one another as God’s people, who happen to be on the journey of faith together as the people of the Allegheny Synod.


There are future plans to utilize other new ideas for The Lutheran Letter as well.

As I travel around the synod I have heard appreciation for the ministry of The Lutheran Letter in our lives.  Yet it has the potential to be much more!  If you have ideas … be sure to share them with Kecia, our editor, or with a member of the Communications Team.  The Lutheran Letter is our letter and is a way we can continue to build a stronger sense of us being the body of our Lord Jesus Christ here in these Allegheny hills and valleys.  I give thanks to God for those individuals who had the vision and the enthusiasm to initiate the ministry of The Lutheran Letter.  It has become a wonderful tool of which we continue to be stewards.  May God continue to stir among us with power, guiding us as we seek to tell God’s story in us and through us … with new ideas and new persons and new visions. 

                                                                                                +Bishop Pile