Companion Synod Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

 Each year we are encouraged to remember our global partners, and God's ministry throughout the world. We especially take time to lift up our Companion Synod, the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (KELC). This year the people of the KELC and the Allegheny Synod agreed on June 11th (Holy Trinity Sunday) as the day on which we could mutually hold Companion Synod Sunday, so that we would each be remembering the other in prayer that day. 

 Below please find a greeting, prayer with petitions, and a sermon (based on the lectionary's 'Great Commission' gospel text for that day) - each prepared by a separate pastor in the KELC. Please use them in worship as you see works for your context. There are additional worship resources (hymn suggestions, etc.) listed under the 'resources' (Global Mission) heading on the Allegheny Synod webpage.

 Thank you for your partnership in helping to build an awareness and a partnership with our sisters and brothers around God's world.

In Christ,

The Global Ministries Team

Greeting (.docx)

Prayer with Petitions (.docx)

Sermon (.docx)