IGNITE (Formerly Discerning Your Discipleship) Program

IGNITE (Formerly Discerning Your Discipleship) is for anyone interested in learning more about the scriptures, Lutheran doctrine, worship, prayer, and other aspects of our Christian faith.

It is our hope that IGNITE will enhance your life and equip you for ministry in the midst of your congregation and the congregations our Allegheny Synod.

How does it work?

You can take courses as you are interested!

You can take a few classes to explore how the Holy Spirit is working in your life or you can take a few courses to enhance your current discipleship ministry as a teacher, youth worker, musician, visitor, worship assistant, evangelist, etc.

Or you can take courses to fulfill the specific requirements to become a Lay Worship Leader (LWL).

Please download and view the Catalog and the registration form.

If you should have any further questions, please email office@alleghenysynod.com.

IGNITE 2016-17 Brochure

IGNITE 2016-17 Registration Form