Journey of the Spirit Retreat

A Devotional Retreat
Based Upon Four Disciplines

SILENCE Silence is generally observed at mealtimes, surrounding worship hours, and during all agreed-upon "quiet times." Times of sharing, particularly as it relates to the theme Journey of the Spirit, are scheduled, and personal conversations are always appropriate on outdoor walks and in other locations where the need for silence of the other retreat participants will not be disturbed.

REFLECTION One of the important elements of this retreat is to focus on the Word of God, and to learn to be available to that Word. The Retreat is NOT a time to "catch up" on all the work you did not get done in the office, but rather, a time to deepen and center on the presence of the Holy Spirit.

WORSHIP Worship is the heart of prayer life. During the retreat we gather together for three daily prayer hours and for the Eucharist. It is in the fellowship of Prayer and the Eucharist that we center on Christ's presence and on His Holy Spirit.

SHARING This retreat experience is not intended to be an encounter group or a problem-solving group. However, personal support is an important component of this retreat experience. We seek to encourage it in the following ways:

  • personal needs and/or concerns are initially shared with entire group via prayer requests.
  • as circumstances allow, and where opportunity exists, personal or small group conversations about those needs is appropriate.

The retreat is Monday, January 29 through Thursday, February 1 at Sequanota’s Bowersox Center. The cost is $200 for the three nights. Please click here for the registration brochure. For further information, please contact Pr. Tim Knauss (814) 942-1042 or Pr. Bob Way (814) 765-3251.