South Carolina Flooding ... What You Can Do to Help

Dear Friends,

Many of us have seen the devastation caused by the flooding in South Carolina (SC). I invite you to join me in responding. Bishop Herman Yoos of the SC Synod has told us that the best way to respond right now is by financially supporting the emergency response work being done through Lutheran Disaster Response and through the SC Synod Office.

I am asking all the congregations of the Allegheny Synod to AT LEAST one Sunday between now and November 22 (Christ the King Sunday) take up a special offering for Flood Relief in SC. You may want to do this once, or, you may decide to do a continual gathering of funds to help our sisters and brothers in need. I would also ask you to report what you gather to Michelle in the Synod Office, so we can have an idea of what we are able to do when our Synod works together.

Many of you have connections to SC. It is a popular vacation spot, many of us have friends and family who live there, there are many Lutherans, and some of us did our Seminary and internship in these very communities that have been flooded. We have lots of connections. Let us take the time to respond and help our sisters and brothers in need.

Offering collections can be forwarded to Lutheran Disaster Response at the following address

Offerings can also be sent to directly to the SC Synod office who will forward those funds directly to the aid agencies working in the communities. Subject line for checks should be “Flooding Relief”
South Carolina Synod Office, ELCA
1003 Richland St
Columbia, SC 29201

Thank you for your consideration. We are also in dialogue with colleagues in South Carolina about brining mission teams down to help assist with the cleanup. The folks on the scene in SC (the Synod Office and Emergency Services) have instructed us that the best thing to do now is Wait. Once emergency management services are able to get in and fully understand the extent of the damage they will begin to call for volunteers. That call should begin by the end of the month, but will continue well into next year. We will keep you informed as plans are made for groups to go south to help with the cleanup effort.

In Christ,
+Bishop Michael