Stewardship - A Way of Life

Stewardship is about relationship. First our relationship with God, from whom all blessings flow. In right relationship, we put God at the very center of our being. With God at the center, every other relationship settles into its right place, including: 

Our relationship with our time, talents and treasures. We don't own our time, it's given to us to use wisely as we walk on the earth. Most people find it easy to think of time in this way, but it's harder to think of talents and treasures as things we don't own, aren't entitled to and have no right to hoard.

Our relationship to the earth. The earth is God's, and produces an abundance of the essentials for our lives: Food, water, air, resources for keeping warm and building shelter. The earth belongs to God but is entrusted to us to use. Stewardship involves thoughtful consumption of resources so all will have enough and the processes that sustain life will not be harmed.

Our relationship to others. Jesus commanded us to love God first, and then our neighbor as ourselves. In a world where greed, anger, hatred and selfishness abound, Stewardship calls us to embrace God's love more fully, that we may embrace others.

Stewardship is a journey. Like all faith disciplines, Stewardship takes awareness, prayer and practice. This website is devoted to inspiring and equipping Christians to walk that journey.



Stewardship Resources

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One of the Stewardship Team members, John Piper, has written a series of articles on stewardship which are posted here.

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