Year of Prayer

Dear Friends,

Next year, on October 31, 2017, we will mark the 500th Anniversary of the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. Our Allegheny Synod is hosting a number of worship services, programs, and event in the coming year to mark this momentous anniversary. Our Synod’s 500th Anniversary Team has been hard at work putting together ways we can mark this time together.

One project we are doing in this build up to the 500th is called The Year of Prayer. I am inviting you, to use this year leading up to the Reformation Anniversary to pray for the mission and work of Jesus Christ in this world and to deepen our own prayer life and connection to our Lord Jesus. I invite you to join me in prayer in this coming year.

A monthly prayer theme from November 2016 – October 2017 has been chosen. Each week will have a focus that relates to the monthly theme. Your congregation will receive a monthly bulletin insert, which will list the monthly focus. Additionally, the prayer focus will be posted on our Synod Facebook page, be printed in the Allegheny Synod Connections E-newsletter, and be printed in the Lutheran Letter. My request is that as you do your daily prayers, you will lift up and remember these specific prayer focuses.

A resource on Martin Luther’s morning and evening prayer will be sent to your congregations. This is a single folded piece of paper that shows you how Martin Luther prayed. Often times we are hesitant to pray because we don’t know what to say. This resource makes it very easy and we are making that available to you.

Finally, we will be posting a weekly short video clip on the prayer theme of the week on the Synod Facebook page. This short clip will invite you to pray along, and welcome you to use the weekly prayer in your individual devotions for the week.

The Year of Prayer is an invitation and an opportunity for us to pray together. We know that we will be lifting up the prayer themes. Some of us will be using Luther’s daily prayers. Some of us will be using the prayers of the week. But the most important thing is that we are praying together. You will know that as your prayers ascend, our Lord is hearing your prayers along with those of your sisters and brothers across our Allegheny hills and valleys.

Prayer is a gift. God knows our hearts before we pray. God hears our prayers and gives us the ability and the opportunity to turn our lives to the Lord who made us. It is good for us to pray. I invite you to join me in praying this year. No matter if you a seasoned prayer warrior or someone who is just dipping their toe in the water of the discipline of daily prayer, it will be good for us to be praying together.

May God keep you now and always and I hope you will join us for The Year of Prayer.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you now and always,

+Bp. Michael L. Rhyne