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  • Prayers for the Orlando and Anniversary of Charleston

    June 17th is the one year anniversary of the murders of 9 people at the Mother Emmanuel AME church in Charleston SC. This past week we also saw the attack and murder of 49 people in Orlando, FL. My heart breaks for all those who have lost loved ones in these murders. My heart breaks that we live in a world where these killers could believe that their sisters and brothers on this planet are so worthless that they deserve to die. I cry out to my Lord and My God that his peace and love will break out and bring us to a place where death and sin and destruction will be no more.

    So I would like to ask you friends in the Allegheny Synod to join me in a week of prayer for those who were lost. Please pray for those victims and their families this coming Sunday. Please join me in remembering and holding up before God those who were murdered in Orlando, and those that died last year in Charleston. We pray that God will heal the hearts of those who would think that this evil and violence is their best option.

    I know you are already doing this. But let us, as God’s people join together to pray for those who lost loved ones and pray for that day when mourning and dying and pain will be no more.

    +Bp Michael L. Rhyne

  • Please Pray for Victims of Abuse in Altoona/Johnstown Diocese

    Dear Allegheny Synod,

    You have most likely heard about the PA Attorney General’s press conference today (March 1, 2016) where she outlined the findings of a Grand Jury investigation into the molestation of children by over 50 priests of the Altoona/Johnstown Diocese over the last 50 years.

    Like you, I find the abuse of children to be one of the worse things that can happen and it is all the more terrible when perpetrated by people who were placed in a position of trust.

    The Grand Jury report also documents a cover up of these abuses by the two previous Bishops of the Diocese, Bishop James Hogan and Bishop Joseph Adamec.

    As you know, these revelations are going to hurt many in our communities. That these things happened to our children and the previous leadership did not take the requisite action to protect our most vulnerable is deeply disturbing.

    So I ask you to join me in praying for our sisters and brothers who are part of the Altoona Johnstown Diocese.

    First, I ask you to pray for the victims of abuse. May we pray that God will lead them to the help they need, and the counseling and care to help them deal with these violations. We pray that they will have care and justice. Especially we may pray for any who have not come forward, may they know that they will be heard and cared for.

    Secondly, I ask you to join me in praying for the congregants and members. This will shake the faith of many. May God comfort all and let them understand that God is working to make this right.

    Thirdly, I ask you to pray for the current Bishop of the Altoona/Johnstown diocese, Bishop Mark Bartchak. Bishop Bartchak, according to the report, played a major part in bringing the truth into the light. Though he is working to rectify and bring justice to these cases, he will still be the target of many who are rightly angry at the Diocese actions under previous leadership. Please pray that our Lord will give him the grace to faithfully shepherd his flock.

    This is a terrible situation. Let us be comforted by the fact that God did send people who are causing the truth to come out and who will work so that the victims have justice.

    May God be with all those who have suffered because of these abuses and molestations.  May God be with all who will suffer and be hurt by these revelations.

    In Christ,

    +Bishop Michael L. Rhyne

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