Rooted in the Gospel of our Lord, the Allegheny Synod inspires, encourages, and supports the church, in response to God's call to gather around Word and Sacrament, and to scatter into the world to offer God's gifts of love, forgiveness, care, justice, and mercy.

What's New

  • ASWO Newsletter

    Please click here for the Allegheny Synod Women's Organization newsletter which contains details regarding the upcoming Synodical Women's Convention.

  • 40,000 Can Challenge & Weekly Update

    Can Count Weekly Update...

    Our weekly can challenge count as of today, 1/30/18 is 15,974. There is less than a week left to reach our 40,000 goal so don’t forget to turn in your counts. Thank you!

    40,000 Can Challenge

    Your donation of non-perishable food items to the 40,000 "Can" Challenge will benefit local food banks and service agencies who serve the people in your community.

    To participate, record how many non-perishable items are collected and call (814-842-1042) or email ( the Synod office.

    Results will be publicized through the Allegheny Synod 8C Facebook page, the Lutheran Letter, and weekly email updates to congregations.

    Please click here for the 40,000 Can Challenge bulletin insert.

  • Kenya Winter 2018 Newsletter

    Please click here to view the Kenya Winter 2018 newsletter.

  • Year of Prayer

    Please click here for the January 2018 Year of Prayer bulletin insert.

  • Journey of the Spirit Retreat

    A Devotional Retreat
    Based Upon Four Disciplines

    SILENCE Silence is generally observed at mealtimes, surrounding worship hours, and during all agreed-upon "quiet times." Times of sharing, particularly as it relates to the theme Journey of the Spirit, are scheduled, and personal conversations are always appropriate on outdoor walks and in other locations where the need for silence of the other retreat participants will not be disturbed.

    REFLECTION One of the important elements of this retreat is to focus on the Word of God, and to learn to be available to that Word. The Retreat is NOT a time to "catch up" on all the work you did not get done in the office, but rather, a time to deepen and center on the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    WORSHIP Worship is the heart of prayer life. During the retreat we gather together for three daily prayer hours and for the Eucharist. It is in the fellowship of Prayer and the Eucharist that we center on Christ's presence and on His Holy Spirit.

    SHARING This retreat experience is not intended to be an encounter group or a problem-solving group. However, personal support is an important component of this retreat experience. We seek to encourage it in the following ways:

    • personal needs and/or concerns are initially shared with entire group via prayer requests.
    • as circumstances allow, and where opportunity exists, personal or small group conversations about those needs is appropriate.

    The retreat is Monday, January 29 through Thursday, February 1 at Sequanota’s Bowersox Center. The cost is $200 for the three nights. Please click here for the registration brochure. For further information, please contact Pr. Tim Knauss (814) 942-1042 or Pr. Bob Way (814) 765-3251.

  • Bishop Rhyne's Christmas Greeting

    Dear Friends,

    May God be with you as we celebrate the Nativity of our Lord this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

    I hope you are blessed to be with family and friends.
    I pray that you know the great love of our Lord and Savior Jesus. You matter to God. You are loved by Jesus more than you can ever know. As we gather, we celebrate this great love of God that has come to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    It amazes me that with his birth, Jesus came to a place the world would never expect. Holy Scripture said the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. But what was Bethlehem? It was a tiny village in the literal backwater of the great Roman Empire—the last place anyone would think to look for the King of kings and Lord of lords. Kings are usually born in palaces, not in a cattle shed in a town the rest of the world didn’t know.

    Jesus comes to us exactly where the world wouldn’t expect him to show us that God works in ways beyond our expectation. God is in the business of surpassing our expectation and what we think is possible.

    That same God in Jesus Christ is with us in the Allegheny Synod. That same Jesus is with us as we go forth in our lives. God has done the unexpected and amazing thing of not just coming into this world but claiming ordinary people like you and me and calling us to be a part of the eternal life of God. This amazing and unexpected God is calling you and me to be instruments of his grace love and mercy.

    God is working in and through you and me. I see over and over the ways that the power of the Holy Spirit is at work through you. God is using you to care for the hungry, clothe the needy, send warmth and comfort to the hurting, and reach out to care for those stricken by natural disaster. Jesus is here in the Allegheny Synod.

    As we move through this Christmas season, I invite you to take stock of this year and see how God has blessed you to be a blessing for others.

    As we look to 2018, I invite you to join me in listening for where the Holy Spirit might be urging us to move forward in love and service. Jesus is alive and at work here in the heart of central Pennsylvania. He will amaze us with what he can and will do with us.

    Merry Christmas

    +Bishop Michael Rhyne

    Allegheny Synod, ELCA

  • 2018 Standard Mileage Reimbursement Rate

    The IRS announced the standard mileage reimbursement rate will be 54.5 cents per mile beginning January 1, 2018. Please click on the link below for more information.

  • Bishop Rhyne's Advent Greeting

    Please click here for Bishop Rhyne's Advent Greeting.

  • Synod Congregational Weekly Prayer List

     Please click here for the Synod's Congregational Weekly Prayer list.

  • 2018 Compensation and Benefits

    Please click here for the 2018 Compensation and Benefits material.

  • IGNITE (Formerly Discerning Your Discipleship) Course Information and Registration

    Click here for the new IGNITE course catalogue and here for the registration form.

  • Karibu VBS Program

    Please click here for information regarding the Allegheny Synod Karibu VBS program.

  • Tithing & Giving

    Please click here for a brochure from the Allegheny Synod's Stewardship and Mission Interpretation Team regarding Tithing and Giving.

  • 3D Faith Practices Bible Study

    To view the 3D Faith Practices Bible Study, please click on the Resources tab above and then click on Allegheny Synod 3D.  You will then find the Bible Studies posted below.

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Welcome to the online home of the Allegheny Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in   America. We are an expression of the Church of Jesus Christ that combines the resources of 116 congregations, and our partners in ministry in the mountains and valleys of the Allegheny region of Southwest-Central Pennsylvania.

We are a people called by God through Jesus Christ to share in ministry independently and interdependently. Here in this web site you will have an opportunity to discover more about our partner ministries that seek to live out God's Great Commission.... (Matthew 28:18-20) to make the hope-filled promises of Jesus Christ known throughout the world.

I invite you to explore the pages of this web site and to get to know more about your Lutheran neighbors in the Allegheny region. Please know that each of our congregations invite you to worship with them. We believe that it is there that we encounter the God who has not only given us the gift of earthly life, but who also promises us life eternal.

-Bishop Michael L. Rhyne

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