Synod Assembly

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Assembly, which will be held Friday, June 5 & Saturday,

June 6 at the Blair County Convention Center, Altoona.



2020 Synod Assembly Update Letter from Bishop Rhyne:

Please see the below updates about Synod Assembly and some important processes we will be implementing. If your congregation does not currently have a rostered leader, please see this information is communicated to the Church Council and/or persons attending the Synod Assembly.


Dear Friends,

As we will be holding an election for our next Bishop at the 2020 Allegheny Synod Assembly, there are a few things which will be different. I am writing to make you aware of these changes. If you have questions please feel free to contact our office.


Committee Reports:

At the recommendation of the ELCA Secretary, Deacon Sue Rothmeyer, we are implementing a change in reporting for this Assembly. Secretary Rothmeyer suggests that for the sake of reporting, at an Assembly with an election, that reporting be done by Synod Officers, lay persons, or deacons. The reason is that every ELCA pastor is eligible to be called as Bishop. As we have pastors who will be nominated for this office, we want to ensure equal time before the Assembly for all who allow their name to go forward. Having pastors present reports might be seen and giving unfair advantage in the process to one person or the other. Or, it might be interpreted by the Assembly as the pastor using their presentation to campaign for the office. We want to avoid this.


Therefore, I am asking that all committees who have reports before the assembly to have the report presented by either a lay person on the committee, or to make arrangements to have one of the Synod Officers share the report. This also means that we will have written reports from the Synod staff in the Bulletin of Reports but will not be having oral reports this year.


I will be giving my final Bishop’s report to the Assembly because I am not available to be called for a second term. Pastor Judy Simonson will be one of our Chaplains for the Assembly, Pastor Judy is on our Transition team and is not available for call. Additionally, Pastor Glenn Foster is our Elections Chair. Pastor Glenn has said he is not open to serve in the call of Bishop and therefore will be presenting the election report for the non-Bishop elections.


This practice is recommended by the ELCA Secretary that has served our sister Synods as they gather to discern the call of their next Bishop.


Voting Members:

It is usually easier to gather voting members for an Assembly when there is a Bishop’s election. Please gather your members as soon as possible this year and invite them to come to your Spring Conference Caucus meeting. This year’s caucus meetings will focus on the call of the Bishop and the ecclesiastical balloting process. Members of our Transition Team will be giving a presentation on the election and answering questions.


Assembly Hall Layout:

The Assembly and Worship Committees have been working together on a new layout for the 2020 Assembly. The wall that had divided the worship space from the plenary space will be open so that both worship and plenary sessions take place in the same space. The hope is that we will be reminded that the work of the Assembly is rooted in prayer and our life of faith. Festival Worship will happen in the worship area at 7:00 pm on Friday evening, June 6. All are welcome.



The ‘Assembly First Mailing’ was emailed to leaders and congregations in early February. This has all the information about registration and information on the Assembly. Please remember that you must register for meals if you plan to eat lunch and dinner at the Convention Center on Friday.


The ‘Assembly First Mailing’ is posted below.




We will be utilizing the Guidebook app this year. You will be able to download all materials for the Assembly to your electronic devices. We will forward links for the 2020 Allegheny Synod Assembly as soon as they are available.


May God bless you and keep you as we continue to prayerfully prepare for our 2020 Allegheny Synod Assembly.


In Christ

Bishop Michael

2020 Synod Assembly LiveStream:

COMING SOON … Click here for the 2020 Synod Assembly LiveStream Broadcast information and instructions.

2020 Synod Assembly Information & Registration:

Click here for the 2020 Synod Assembly Information and Registration material.


We are sending out a call for service to congregations to nominate devoted Lutherans for election at the Assembly to serve as Officers, Council Members, or Committee Members. Serving in one of these capacities is a great opportunity to support the Lutheran Church and God's work in our community. Nominees must complete the Nominations Form below and submit to the Synod office. To have biographical information included with your nomination, the complete Nomination form must be received no later than May 15. Once the Nomination is received, and email or written confirmation will be sent stating the position(s) of interest. Nominations will be accepted after May 15, however, biographical information will not be included; only the nominee's name will be listed. If you have missed the deadline, you may bring 300 copies of your Nominations Form to be distributed to the assembly.

Click here for the 2020 Nominations Fillable Online Form and here for the 2020 Nominations Print-only form.

COMING SOON ... Click here for the 2020 Nominations Packet.

​Display Tables:

To request a display table, please complete the Display Table Request form included with the 2020 Synod Assembly Information & Registration material. Click here for the Display Table Guidelines.


Resolutions should be submitted by April 3 and come from a voting member, a congregation, a committee, or an agency of the Synod. A sample Resolution and Memorial form is included with the 2020 Synod Assembly Information & Registration material. Any resolution received after April 3 will not be included in the Bulletin of Reports.

The Committee on Reference and Counsel will review all resolutions. The committee may consult with the maker of the resolution if changes are required. The goal of this process of review and revision is to ensure that the resolution is germane to Assembly business and that it is in the proper format for consideration by the Assembly.

Bulletin of Reports and Registrants Information:

Click here for the 2020 Synod Assembly Registrant Letter.

Click here for the complete 2020 Bulletin of Reports.

Breakdown of Bulletin of Reports in Sections for Printing


Click here for the Table of Contents, Agenda, and Rules of Procedure.

Click here for the Directory.

Click here for all submitted Reports.

Click here for Bishop, Synod Council, and Committee Reports.

Click here for Conference Reports.

Click here for Partner Ministry Reports.

Click here for Resolutions/Memorials.

Click here for the Constitution and Bylaws.

COMING SOON ... The 2020 Bulletin of Reports is also available through the below DropBox link.

Synod Assembly Minutes:





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