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Resources for Congregations in Transition

When your congregation finds itself in transition due to a change of call or retirement of a leader, these resources can get you started. For more information, contact the Allegheny Synod Office to schedule a meeting to discuss options.

Allegheny Synod Transition Manual

This manual provides information on forming a call committee and moving through the call process.

Parish Vacancy Form

This form MUST be completed and sent to the Allegheny Synod Office in order for supply leaders to be scheduled in your congregation.

Ministry Site Profile Sample

If your congregation is seeking to call a new pastor, you must complete the ELCA's Ministry Site Profile. This document is a SAMPLE and cannot be used as your profile. The form must be completed online. Schedule a meeting with a staff person from the Office of the Bishop for more information.

Sunday Supply Leadership

This page offers links to supply guidelines and leader information.

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