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Synod Council Members, Minutes, Actions, & Covenant
Synod Attorney

At its regular meeting on November 20, 2021, the Synod Council acted to appoint Attorney Megan E. Will as the Allegheny Synod attorney. The constitutional explanation of the Synod attorney is below.


†S8.13. The synodical bishop may appoint an attorney, admitted to the bar within the territory of the synod or the state where the synod is located, to be Synod Attorney. The appointment must be approved by the Synod Council and reported to the Synod Assembly and to the ELCA secretary. The appointment continues until resignation or until a successor is appointed. The Synod Attorney provides legal advice and counsel to the synodical officers and the Synod Council. The Synod Attorney is expected to be familiar with the governing documents and policies of the synod and, as necessary, to attend meetings of the Synod

Council. The Synod Attorney serves without salary but may be retained and compensated

for specific legal services requested by the synod.

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