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Go Tell It IN The Mountains


The Lilly Endowment Compelling Preaching Initiative has provided

an exciting opportunity for 3 Pennsylvania Appalachian Lutheran synods

to turn dreams into action!

The Allegheny Synod, Northwestern PA Synod and the Upper Susquehanna Synod

are excited to be in partnership for this grant.

We anticipate impacting three important goal areas that will guide the key activities of our project: 

1. Ordained and lay preachers will be equipped to utilize traditional and non-traditional techniques including different modes of delivery to develop skills and practices that will make the gospel message more compelling.


2. Aspiring preachers will be recruited and engaged in a variety of compelling preaching strategies that educate, empower, and support competency in their ministry. 


3. Existing members of congregations and new community audiences within our 3 Lutheran partner synods will respond to compelling preaching opportunities and content by integrating the gospel message into their attitudes, actions and ministries in daily life. 

Director Search

Complete Proposal

Here you can read the writing team's complete proposal.

Job Description

Here you can view the complete Program Director Job Description

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