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Congregation News August 29


The ELCA’s Future Church Initiative has evolved into God’s Love Made Real. Visit the website below to learn more about our ministry goals and to take a survey that will assist in ministry moving forward.


As you know, we did not have enough people nominated to fill open vacancies on some Synod committees. Below is a list of vacancies on Synod Committees. HERE is a link to the Constitution. See notes below for where the description of the committee can be found. If there is someone in your congregation who could fulfill a vacancy, please be in contact with Pastor Kevin or Bishop Paula before September 10 so we can contact people and have their names added to the Synod Council material for its next meeting on September 23.

Synod Council: 1 lay male, 2 year term; 1 youth member, 2 year term [Constitution, Chapter 10, begins on page 17]

Consultation: 1 lay female, 3 year term; 1 lay female, 6 year term [Constitution, Chapter 11, begins on page 23 and Chapter 17 begins on page 40 and Chapter 14 begins on page 29]

Discipline: 1 lay female, 3 year term; 2 lay female, 6 year term; 2 lay male 6 year term [Constitution, same a consultation]


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