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Congregation News Week of April 25


The May/June issue of The Lutheran Letter is below.

MayJune 2023 Lutheran Letter
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Voting members MUST register individually and use their own unique e-mail address for voting purposes. Each person needs their own registration so that credentials may be sent directly to them for voting. And, this is an IN-PERSON Synod Assembly. If you are a voting member, you will be expected to attend the Assembly in-person. There is no hybrid option for this event.


We will gather on the following dates for our annual Spring Conference Meetings. Please strongly encourage voting members to attend. The conference meeting is open to anyone in the conference. If your conference is conducting a Dean’s election, please encourage attendance. Synod Assembly information will be presented—including a possible amendment to the budget. All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm. except for Blair-Huntingdon will begin at 6:30 as noted below.

Clearfield Conference: April 26, St. John, Clearfield

Nittany Conference: May 2, St. John, Bellefonte

Blair-Huntingdon Conference: May 3, Lutheran Home at Hollidaysburg (6:30 pm)


Register now for the Synod Youth Mission Trip to Luther Springs Camp in Sarasota FL. The trip is July 1-8 for ages 15-18 and will include continued clean up and rebuilding after Hurricane Ian in September 2022. Contact Pastor Drew McCaffery with questions at Adult supervision will be provided by trip organizers and Luther Springs staff, so please encourage youth to attend, even if your congregation does not have chaperones available.

Lutheran Historical Society to Offer Free Advice on Record-keeping

“Church Record Keeping through Transitions: What Should We Keep?” will be a major theme of the annual meeting of the Lutheran Historical Society of the MidAtlantic, on Sat., Sept. 9 at the Gettysburg campus of United Lutheran Seminary. Church historian Maria Erling and archivist Victoria Jesswein will help congregations and agencies decide what information and resources to preserve and how – an important topic as we seek to remember how we lasted through COVID. The day will also include an address by Matthew Borrasso, winner of the St. Paul, Biglerville Prize for his book on the work of biblical scholar and hymnist Martin Franzmann. Registration for the morning events is free and open to all, and lunch is available for $10. To register for the event and for more information, see 2023 Annual Meeting and Program – Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid Atlantic.

Attention Lutheran History Buffs

The Lutheran Historical Society of the MidAtlantic is seeking submissions for the Wentz Prizes in American Lutheran History, in four categories. This prize, named for Abdel Ross Wentz, will honor the best history paper on a topic related to Lutheranism in America. The prize is in the amount of $2,500 and can be awarded in four categories: seminarians; MA or PhD graduate students; those who have received seminary or graduate degrees; and amateur historians who don’t fit in the other categories. Deadline for submission of papers is September 30, 2023. More information is available at Abdel Ross Wentz Prize – Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid Atlantic


The ELCA Church Council met on April 20 and discussed the appointments for the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church (CRLC). The council appointed 35 voting members to the commission. There were 21 members selected from the synod nominees (2 of whom were appointed in the at-large category). The remaining 15 members (6 of whom were appointed in the at-large category) were selected from the open nomination process.

Here is the Church Council action that was adopted:

To appoint the following members to the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church:

Mr. Roberto Lara Aranda, the Rev. Sean Avery, Ms. Felecia Boone, Mr. Michael J. Chan, the Rev. Tiffany Chaney, Mr. Don Corson, Mr. Antoine Cummins, Mr. Ralston Deffenbaugh, the Rev. Elizabeth Friedman, the Rev. Charlene Guiliani, the Rev. Gail Hagerty, Bishop Regina Hassanally (at-large), Mx. Ruth Ellen Howard, Ms. Thelma Pruitt Jacks, Mr. Ryan Johnson (at-large), Ms. Stacy D. Kitahata, the Rev. Kristin Johnston Largen, Mr. David M. Lenz (at-large), Ms. Alexandra Mack, Mr. Thomas Madden (at-large), Ms. Susan Wilds McArver, Ms. Candy McCorkle, Mr. Evan Moilan (at-large), Ms. Sarah E. Morris, Ms. Laurel Muhly-Alexander, Mr. Anthony Ormsbee-Hale, Bishop Matthew Riegel (at-large), Mr. Leon Schwartz, Deacon Dallas Shealy (at-large), the Rev. Adam Sornchai, Ms. Melody Stachour, Ms. Cheryl Stuart, Ms. Loni Taylor (at-large), Ms. Linda M. Timmons, and the Rev. Carla Christopher Wilson; and

To authorize the Executive Committee to appoint members as necessary if a vacancy occurs.

Please hold the commission’s work in your prayers as they seek to live into the ministry and mission God is calling for the ELCA.


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