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Kindling Faith Events Announced

Kindling Faith has amazing programming through the end of this year (and into 2024 as well)! Kindling Faith is continuing education programming offered through United Lutheran Seminary.

· For Rostered Leaders in Rural Ministry (this event underwritten by funding from TCCI and W VA W MD Synod) See the schedule for the event here. Registration closes on October 20th!

· For Rostered Leaders who need Boundary and Anti-Racism training (offered in late November in person and online!)

· For anyone who wishes to depolarize their congregations and focus on faith-based advocacy (sponsored by LAMPa on Nov. 8th, 2:30 – 4 pm EST online)

· For Rostered Leaders who want to improve their Pastoral Care Skills (Online Nov. 6th & 11th for your convenience) Topic: From Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction. Burnout points to the chronic and cumulative effect of stress and how it negatively impacts a person’s health and wellbeing. If unaddressed, the various stresses of ministry contribute to an erosion of compassion and empathy which reduces minsters’ effectiveness in helping others. Drawing on the latest research, this workshop builds awareness of the signs and stages of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout and offers strategies for cultivating Compassion Satisfaction.

· *NEW! For those who wish to learn about faith-based advocacy for immigrants: Sanctuary Church (Dec. 9 in Gettysburg)

· For Women in Ministry to be Affirmed and Celebrated (Dec. 10-11 in Gettysburg)

Save these 2024 dates for Authors at ULS:

· March 18th at 7 pm in Philadelphia, Anthony Ray Hinton

· April 24th at 1 pm in Gettysburg, Kate Bowler (recently interviewed by Krista Tippett for the radio show On Being)

· September 18th at 1 pm in Philadelphia, Jamie Bruesehoff

Save the dates for Summer 2024:

· Theological Learning with Adults featuring Dr. Allison deForest Professor of New Testament, July 14 – 19

· Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate II: July 28-August 2 (Week Long Artist in Residence: David Hayward aka The Naked Pastor)

· Summer Ministry Institute: Pastor as Public Presence, August 11 - 16

Kindling Faith—because learning never ends.


Pastor Martin Otto-Zimmann, PhD he/his Kindling Faith, Because Learning Never Ends United Lutheran Seminary 61 Seminary Ridge, Gettysburg, PA 17325 Office: 717-338-3011 Cell: 734-755-4523


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