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Pastor Becca participates in television show

As many of you know, Pastor Becca Ehrlich serves the Allegheny Synod as the Interim Director For Evangelical Mission. Before she began her ministry with our Synod, she participated in a 3-week filmed wellness retreat in Costa Rica. The retreat has now become a TV show, Lost Resort, which will begin airing on the cable channel TBS in July.

Because Pastor Becca had signed the contract to be our Interim DEM before her participation in the retreat was confirmed, Bishop Rhyne and the Synod staff knew of her possible participation. When it was confirmed that she would be part of the retreat, the Synod staff supported Pastor Becca and her desire to address some personal issues on the retreat.

Our hope is that Lost Resort and Pastor Becca’s willingness to share part of her story will help others, and encourage them to seek ways to address difficult issues in their own lives. While the show is airing, Pastor Becca is open to answering questions regarding her experience. Look for ways you can connect with Pastor Becca and learn more about the show.

If you would like to see the promotional trailer for the program it can be found at the following link:

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