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Governor Wolf Limits Indoor Gatherings

I am writing to make you aware that today July 15, 2020, Governor Wolf issued an executive order limiting the size of gatherings in the state of PA to 25 people indoors and 250 people outdoors. Below is a link to information about the governor’s order below.

This will limit the size of in person gatherings we can have for indoor worship. For some of our congregations they will be able to worship because they do not have over 25 persons at a service. For those that would exceed 25 people you may consider going back to online services, or streaming a live service with a maximum of 25 persons gathered for indoor in person worship.

The governor orders all business to use telework unless not possible. That means our congregation offices can be open, unless your office manager or church secretary can do their job remotely. At this time, your sexton or housekeeper would be allowed to perform their duties in the building since these tasks cannot be completed remotely. The order also encourages us to continue the practice of social distancing when we are in our offices.

Beginning Monday the Synod staff will be working remotely. We will continue to have meetings via Zoom. If you need individual meetings with the Synod staff we will schedule meetings via Zoom or telephone. If you have an issue that requires that we must meet in person, please contact the Bishop or Synod staff and we will make arrangements to meet safely.

The Governor’s order also requires people to wear masks when they are away from home, and not participating in outdoor physical activity. This means all our people should be wearing masks for in-person meetings and in worship.

As we get more information we will pass it along to you.

May God bless you and keep you

+Bishop Michael

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